And I'm the Queen of Sheba

Brown's Mart  Theatre, Darwin

13 June 2019


Very powerful


The ending was such a build up and surprise

Loved it when the bits all fall into place

Wonderful unexpected twists in the plot

The ending so neatly wrapped up the story

Understanding the multiple effects of war and invasion

Too many favourite bits to mention

Complex and riveting

I went twice, had to experience it a second time

Highlighted the complexities of being human, surviving and trying to do one’s best

Beautifully written

Loved it - Amazing – Fantastic - Thought provoking - Great story – Funny – Captivating – Enthralling – Brilliant – Poignant – Stimulating –

Surprising – Controversial - Wonderfully plotted – Engaging – Entertaining – Humorous – Intriguing – Reflective – Hilarious - Fun, entertaining, sad

Excellent - Fabulous story line

Well-researched – Clever - Eye opening – Powerful – Riveting – Moving - Profound - Wonderfully written

And I'm the Queen of Sheba

Brown's Mart  Theatre, Darwin

17 November 2016

'I had travelled all the way from the UK to see this play and I wasn't disappointed. Such a powerful story - writing is amazing. Loved it!'

Molvia Maddox

'Absolutely loved this play, so close to home, meant so much ... amazing play.'

 Patti Izod

'Laughed and cried. Absolutely brilliant. Totally recommend ... incredible writing.'

 Julie Gallagher

'We saw the show last night and it was fantastic. What a fantastic story told by amazing actors.'

Gaynor Penny

'WOW! Charming characters with depth and warmth. Both funny and moving. Beautifully written and the actors fabulous! Loved it!'

 Carla Russo

'Was a great performance and a great new piece of Australian Theatre. If you’re in Darwin – don’t miss it!!!'

Toby John Short

'Is this coming to Sydney?'

Annabel McClure

'Congratulations on another brilliant play. The actors’ delivery of your clever and witty dialogue was fabulous. The play was humorous, poignant and thoroughly entertaining. I will tell all my friends it’s a must see.'

 Jill Kew

'It was smashing! I laughed, winced, cried (came out blubbering – most embarrassing!) .Very strong cast, terrific script. Was an absolute treat to be part of such a remarkable, professional, local production.'

Philllipa Tsiolis

‘I have never been moved so much by a play, the content of the story, the issues. I don’t know if there has been any other plays like this …  how bigger can you get in reconciliation than that?   For me it’s an opening up, an opening up that invitation to let’s talk, let’s get it on in this country … everyone’s feeling on thin ice all the time about this sort of stuff, yeah, about the history of the foundation of Australia …It actually takes both parties to move on and it takes both parties to, to talk and that, that play’s done that. …'

Ali Mills Senior Larrakia Woman, Darwin NT

‘I am very grateful … for once in my life I feel that true feeling of privilege, ‘cos we thought people didn’t hear our thoughts, you know we are always winging blacks, always dwelling on the past, no-one really has the feeling, but the feeling was here in this play.

The government talks about closing the gap, this (play) was bringing us together not as a landfill but as a people, very candid, and controversial.

It’s a marvellous play.

Very clever, very clever’

Kathy Mills  Senior  Kungarakan woman, Batchelor NT and member of the Stolen Generation

'As a person who has spent most of my life on a cattle station I found the play very moving and spot on. Beautifully written and thoroughly researched. So entertaining, fun and intense. I laughed and cried. It explores the sense of belonging and how important it is to people from all different backgrounds. It makes you think about whether it is or is not irrational to try to hold on to something when it is all but gone at the tail end of life.  It was brilliant and I would go and see it again. I love this play because it educational and helps bridge the gap between urban Australia and rural Australia raising awareness to life in the Outback the ongoing challenges for those producing food for our country today.'

Shona Underwood Middle Creek and Inverway Stations, NT  


Brown's Mart Theatre, Darwin

15 November  2012


‘Bravo! This is the first play of  Kate Wyvill's  that I've seen. Sadly, I regret having missed the others. This is what theatre is supposed to be and should be. Congratulations’   

Betchay Mondragon, Australia Council Peer (NT) and independent theatre director and producer.

‘The Ward Keller office is abuzz with talk of ‘Marbles’ this morning.  It was universally loved by young and old – truly exceptional – absorbing from beginning to end.’  

 Ward Keller Lawyers (Production Sponsor)

‘Fabulous script. Witty and wise. A fantastic insight into the challenges as well as the humour of a family under pressure.’  

ABC Radio Darwin, Richard Margetson 

‘Marbles’ was incredibly clever. It touched on a very serious topic, one many of us have dealt with in one way or another, and managed to bring it across in an informative, creative and, might I say, quirky manner.’

Jaimi Tybell – General Public

‘For many of our kids it was the first time they had seen a live performance and most of them would never had a thought about euthanasia. It’s a testament to the power of your play that they left the show declaring that they are the generation to change the law!! '

Jenny Dowling, Drama, Casuarina Secondary College

‘While I don’t consider myself an authority in all things theatre by any stretch, I do think that Marbles was as good as anything that Melbourne Theatre Company has presented (having been a subscriber for over ten years) – in terms of (but not limited to) engagement, entertainment, provocation, pathos, humour and human -  any person could relate to one of the characters in the play.

David Blenheim , Official Secretary/Director, Government House

‘I was lucky enough to be in the audience last night – this new play is brilliant… perfectly constructed with great dialogue’  

 Jansis Shaw,  Director, Office of Leadership and Organisational culture

‘A brilliant play!  I am speechless at how the playwright managed to weave the humour in and out of what is such a sad and terrifying subject.  Absolutely masterful.  The relationships between the family members and the shifting alliances amongst them was crafted brilliantly. It's a play that should be taken nationally, and then world-wide, as much for the play itself as the subject. '

Joanne van Os, Author

‘What a profoundly good treatment of the modern tragedy that confronts us all as we get older. Those afflicted, those affected and those waiting anxiously on the periphery, were all able to take something from this outstandingly written, acted and directed play.’  

Lex Sylvester, Barrister, William Forster Chambers


The Wardrobe / Going Potty

 Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2004

UK 2006 - 2007

Darwin 2010

“A triumph!”

“Standing ovation.”

“Absolutely brilliant, so true to life.”

“Made me howl with laughter and tears’’

“Best form of contraception ever. Painfully funny, brilliantly presented - waiting eagerly for the next instalment from this talented writer.”

“So accurate a reflection of parenthood and marriage that at times I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Kate Wyvill touched a raw nerve of the 'you can have it all generation'. A great night out - don't miss it!”

“This is a play in which every young couple (and in particular young thrusting professionals determined to climb the corporate ladder) contemplating children should see before they embark on that particular journey!”

“An excellent night out . . . when I next have an opportunity to see this play I will laugh just as much at the bits I missed while I was laughing too much last time!”

 "The show was fantastic – a superb production.” Richard Brennan, Chief Executive, Birmingham Forward

“A superb production … clients and barristers had a super time.'  Jonathan Fox, St Phillips Chambers

“The play was hilarious . . . the evening ‘felt different’, more exciting than a typical night at the theatre.'    Patrick Hanlon, Handellsbanken,

“A very entertaining performance – we had a great time.”  Pauline Knott, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

‘Congratulations…we all had a thoroughly enjoyable evening’.'   Trevor Lee, Senior Partner, Challinors Solicitors

‘We had a great time and really enjoyed the show.'    Ian Saunders, Partner, D5 Architects LLP,