Northern Territory News  16-11-12  'A splendid cargo of comedy and tears. Highly recommended'  read article


 - The Wardrobe & Going Potty

Northern Territory News 19-11-10 ‘Gut-wrenchingly funny … not to be missed’ read article

Camden New Journal 22-03-07 'Excellent...impressive' read article

The TheatreGuideLondon 12-03-07 'rather moving' read article

The Birmingham Mail 05-10-06 ‘the acting is superb’ read article

The Birmingham Post 13-10-06 ‘a smartly written comedy’ read article

The Bridgnorth Journal 10-03-06 ‘hilarious and painfully true to life’ read article

The Scotsman 11-08-04 ‘feisty new piece’ read article

3 Weeks in Edinburgh 10-08-04 ‘great performances...very funny’ read article