And I'm the Queen of Sheba

by Kate Wyvill

Brown’s Mart Theatre, Darwin

Melissa Jaffer as Alma                       

   Click on the image below for slide show                                            Photographer  Paz Tassone                                                                                          

And I'm the Queen of Sheba                                                                                                       

Alma lives on a spectacular but debt-ridden cattle station somewhere in the middle of nowhere. The cattle are long gone and no income is coming in but she refuses to give up her home. Out of the blue a wealthy stranger appears bearing gifts. Alma spies a plan of salvation. Hope is on the horizon and prosperity is in the air … or is a thunderous storm of tumult rolling her way? Hilarity and tragedy sweep the stage as these beguiling and feisty characters battle for security in their unstable world.

A new play by Kate Wyvill (Marbles, The Wardrobe) with dramaturgy by multi award-winning stage and screenwriter, Katherine Thomson (Diving for Pearls, House of Hancock, Schapelle) directed by Grace Barnes. Indigenous consultant, Noel Tovey AM. Starring Melissa Jaffer as Alma, Russell Kiefel as Frank, David James as Joe and Leroy Parsons as The Stranger.

Season cancelled due to the tragic death of actor Russell Kiefel.